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Year 10

Head of Senior School: Ms Kellie Lyneham
P: +61 3 9816 1205 E:


Year 10 at Carey is the first of three years in our well-established and highly regarded Senior School. Students build on the experiences and learning they gained in Middle School and prepare themselves for their graduating qualification, either the International Baccalaureate Diploma or the Victorian Certificate of Education.

In Middle School the focus is to support students as they become increasingly independent learners. Senior School builds on this by assisting students to become reflective, both about what they learn and how they go about learning. Real-world learning continues in the form of excursions, Outdoor Education, Service and enrichment activities.

Year 10 at Carey is structured to allow for a range of courses to be undertaken:

  • Common Subjects – undertaken by all Year 10 students.
  • Semester Electives – how many of these units a student undertakes is dependent upon the number, if any, of year-long studies undertaken by the student.
  • Year-Long Electives – ​such as Languages and VCE subjects.

As you read these Year 10 unit descriptions, you will notice the inclusion of essential questions. Carey teachers frame their planning and development of courses using essential questions. These questions help to ensure that our students are challenged to explore the deeper issues and concepts underlying the subjects that we teach.

Students who wish to undertake studies outside of their year level must either be studying an acceleration unit in Year 9 which continues into Year 10 or make a successful application. Please see the VCE Acceleration page for further details.

Year 10 Art and Design

Year 10 Business Studies

Year 10 CARE

Year 10 Computing

Year 10 Drama

Year 10 English

Year 10 Humanities (Students must select at least one unit from Humanities)

Year 10 Languages

Year 10 Mathematics

Year 10 Music

Year 10 Physical Education

Year 10 Science (See Common Subjects for details of Year 10 Science combinations)