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VCE Mathematics

Specialist Mathematics Unit 1 and 2


Successful completion of Year 10 Mathematics A.

Course Description

Units 1 and 2 are designed for students who are studying or who have already undertaken, Mathematical Methods Units 1 and 2 and who wish to enhance their study of Mathematical Methods Units 3 and 4. It is a prerequisite for Specialist Mathematics Units 3 and 4.

This course is designed for students who wish to undertake an in-depth study of mathematics, focussing on the discipline of mathematics in its own right and applications relating to science and engineering.

Areas of Study

Prescribed Topics

  • Number systems and recursion.
  • Geometry in the plane and proof.
  • Vectors in the plane.
  • Graphs of non-linear relations.

Other Topics (the Learning Area will select two or more of these topics)

  • Logic and algebra.
  • Linear transformations of the plane.
  • Identities.
  • Principle of counting.
  • Graph theory.
  • Kinematics.
  • Simulation, sampling and sampling distributions.


Assessment Tasks
(school-assessed coursework)
Define and explain the key concepts and be able to apply a range of related mathematical routines and procedures.

Assignments, tests/exams and summary notes.

Apply mathematical procedures in non-routine contexts, and analyse and discuss these applications of mathematics.

Modelling tasks, problem-solving tasks and mathematical investigations.

Use technology to produce results and carry out analysis in situations involving problem-solving, modelling or investigative techniques. Demonstrated by completion of the above tasks.

Overall Final Assessment

End of Semester Examination - 1.5 hours.

Information can be obtained from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, Victoria, Australia: