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VCE Physical Education and Health

Health and Human Development Unit 4: Health and Human Development in a Global Context


There are no prerequisites for this unit.

Course Description

This unit examines health and wellbeing, and human development in a global context. Students use data to investigate health status and burden of disease in different countries, exploring factors that contribute to health inequalities between and within countries, including the physical, social and economic conditions in which people live. Students build their understanding of health in a global context through examining changes in burden of disease over time and studying the key concepts of sustainability and human development. They consider the health implications of increased globalisation and worldwide trends relating to climate change, digital technologies, world trade and the mass movement of people. Area of Study 2 looks at global action to improve health and wellbeing and human development, focussing on the United Nations’ (UN’s) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the work of the World Health Organization (WHO). Students also investigate the role of non-government organisations and Australia’s overseas aid program. Students evaluate the effectiveness of health initiatives and programs in a global context and reflect on their capacity to take action.

Areas of Study

Health and wellbeing in a global context

  • Students look at similarities and differences in major burdens of disease in low , middle and high income countries, including Australia.
  • Students investigate a range of factors that contribute to health inequalities and study the concepts of sustainability, human development and the Human Development Index to further their understanding of health in a global context.
  • Students consider the global reach of product marketing and inquire into the effects of particular global trends on health and wellbeing.

Health and the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Students look at action for promoting health globally.
  • Students look at the rationale, objectives and interdependencies of the UN’s SDGs, focussing on their promotion of health and wellbeing and human development.
  • Students investigate the priorities and work of the WHO and evaluate Australia’s aid program and the role of non-government organisations, selecting one aid program for detailed research and analysis.
  • Students reflect on meaningful and achievable individual actions that could contribute to the work of national and international organisations that promote health and wellbeing.



Assessment Tasks

Marks Allocated

(school-assessed coursework)


Analyse similarities and differences in health status and burden of disease globally and the factors that contribute to differences in health and wellbeing.

The student’s performance on each outcome is assessed using one or more of the following:

• a short written report, such as a media analysis, a research inquiry, a blog or a case study analysis;

• an oral presentation, such as a debate or a podcast;

• a visual presentation such as a graphic organiser, a concept/mind map, an annotated poster, a digital presentation;

• structured questions, including data analysis.


Analyse relationships between the SDGs and their role in the promotion of health and human development, and evaluate the effectiveness of global aid programs.


Total Marks



Overall Final Assessment

Graded Assessment



Exam Duration

Contribution to Study Score (%)


Unit 3 Coursework





Unit 4 Coursework





Written Examination


2 hours


Reproduced by permission of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, Victoria, Australia: