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Year 7 Immersive and Influential Learning

Enterprise Unit

Common Unit

Unit Description

The Year 7 Enterprise week is an immersive program which provides the opportunity for students to participate in learning that is creative and collaborative and develops the capabilities that are highly valued in a rapidly changing and globalised world. All Year 7 students will be required to activate Carey’s Nine Positive Attributes under the domains of Thinking, Relationships and Self-Management throughout the week.

The program aims to:

  • prepare students to understand their responsibility in becoming positive change agents for the future.
  • provide the opportunities for students to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values they will need to thrive and shape their world

The program involves the students to become more adaptable whilst developing a deeper understanding through a real-world problem-solving experience. Old Carey Grammarians, teachers, higher education students and broader community members support the students throughout the program by sharing their expertise, knowledge, and skills.

The Challenge for our Year 7 students is to design a social enterprise that supports the local community. They do this by undertaking project-based learning in order to develop a product or service and design a business case to make a positive difference. Students work in teams to explore and develop essential skills that are necessary to thrive now and in the future.