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Year 6 Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

Year Level Description

In Term 2, all Year 6 students participate in an Outdoor Education program based at Carey’s permanent Outdoor Education centre, Camp Toonallook. Toonallook is situated on the shores of the Gippsland Lakes, on the Banksia Peninsula and is approximately 300 kilometres from Melbourne. The Toonallook experience is a well-established component of Carey’s broader educational outcomes and as such, all students are expected to attend. 

An important element of the Year 6 Outdoor Education experience is a two-night expedition. This experience promotes greater understanding and appreciation for the natural world and the effect that humans have on environmental systems. The expedition also has a strong Indigenous focus with students having the opportunity to visit a sacred cultural site and learn about Aboriginal history and culture.

The program complements the Year 6 focus — Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders. Students are presented with physical challenges, a core component of the leadership program. Learning outcomes enhance the work being done in the classroom and life skills, such as independence and teamwork, are fostered. Activities include bike riding, kayaking, swimming and bushcraft. 

The Year 6 program focuses primarily on the Thinking domain of the Positive Learner profile, focussing on the attributes, Reflection, Imagination and Curiosity. Students are asked to reflect on their previous learning, as well as to look ahead to challenges they may need to prepare for in middle school.