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Year 4 Music


Year Level Description

Throughout Year 4, students engage in a wide variety of singing, listening, playing and creative activities. Students are enriched through cultural studies of music. Experiencing the music of other cultures brings opportunities to explore new styles and further develop skills. For example, a journey into music of the West Indies would extend the student’s knowledge of how music links to everyday life and further enhance musical concepts such as polyrhythms, chords and syncopated rhythms. They learn folk songs, dances, instrumental works, and perform in small groups and as a class ensemble. In response, students develop their own original works and arrangements.

All Year 4 students participate as members of the Years 3 and 4 Choir, providing them with the opportunity to further develop their singing and performance skills. Through a wide-ranging repertoire of unison and part songs, they learn to sing expressively with appropriate breath control, phrasing and interpretation. They become confident part-singers.

Other Opportunities

Year 4 students may audition for the Musique Du Coeur choir for Years 4 – 6. Other groups they may be able to join after consultation include Fiddlesticks Orchestra, Sforzando Strings, Mini-Bandit (Beginner Band), Bandit (Advanced Concert Band) and Guitar Ensemble.

Achievement Standard

By the end of the year students are expected to:

  • recognise time signatures and meter differences;
  • transcribe rhythms from unfamiliar aural examples;
  • read treble notation, identifying letter names;
  • perform a repertoire of songs, dances and other musical works;
  • create effective short compositions and improvisations;
  • expand and use music vocabulary and terminology when describing elements and features within musical excerpts;
  • develop interpersonal skills through teamwork and ensemble performance;
  • participate effectively in singing (class, Years 3 and 4 Choir, musical), listening, class discussions, composition, instrumental and movement activities;
  • share thoughts and reflect about the components of music and discuss aspects of their own work and others.