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Year 3 Physical Education

Physical Education

Year Level Description

In Year 3 the following units are covered:

  • Throw, catch, strike and field, with a focus on softball and cricket
  • Pass, catch, dribble and score in court-based invasion games with a focus on netball, basketball, volleyball and handball
  • Kick, pass, dribble, strike and score in field-based invasion games with a focus on soccer, football and hockey
  • Individual sports performance - Tennis and Athletics, Swimming
  • Fitness, thinking and movement

Achievement Standard

By the end of the year students are expected to:

  • apply knowledge of rules when playing modified games;
  • listen to and follow instructions;
  • work co-operatively with a range of partners and in teams;
  • use the correct technique when propelling, dribbling and receiving an object;
  • position the body to receive, intercept or propel an object;
  • begin to learn and understand the need for survival techniques such as sculling, treading water floating and survival strokes;
  • demonstrate basic game sense, moving with purpose as a team/group member.