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Year 3 Music


Year Level Description

Class Program

Students continue to develop their understanding of music elements through a highly active program that draws upon Kodály and Orff methodologies. They learn a rich and varied repertoire of songs, games and listening pieces that explore the various elements of music. Students refine their understanding of musical elements including pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics and tone colour. They perform as a soloist and in class ensembles, using percussion instruments and beginning to play and create more complex layered rhythmic and melodic works. Students express their own creativity through instrumental, movement or vocal improvisations. They notate their compositions through graphic and traditional forms. Theory and aural knowledge and skills are further developed.

Choral Program

All Year 3 students participate as members of the Years 3 and 4 Choir, providing them with the opportunity to further develop their singing and performance skills. Through a wide-ranging repertoire of unison and part songs, they learn to sing expressively with appropriate breath control, phrasing and interpretation. They become confident part-singers.

Strings Program
Year 3 students learn an orchestral string instrument throughout the year. They receive small group tuition, focussing on their string technique. Students practise and perform as an ensemble in a year level repertoire class. String techniques taught include posture, left hand fingering, pizzicato and arco playing (performance with and without the bow). Each semester, students perform as a large ensemble at the end of semester concerts. Students with prior string playing experience are extended and work on more advanced material those and who show promise are invited to join the training string orchestra, Fiddlesticks.

Achievement Standard

In Class and Choir, by the end of the year students are expected to:

  • recognise a range of musical forms;
  • maintain a separate melodic line during partner songs and rounds;
  • participate effectively in all class, group and individual activities;
  • recognise time signatures and meter differences;
  • transcribe rhythms from unfamiliar aural examples;
  • read treble notation, identifying letter names;
  • perform a repertoire of songs, dances and other musical works;
  • create effective short compositions and improvisations;
  • develop interpersonal skills through teamwork and ensemble performance;
  • participate effectively in singing (class,Years 3 and 4 Choir, musical), listening, class discussions, composition, instrumental and movement activities;
  • share thoughts and reflect about the components of music and discuss aspects of their own work and others.

In Strings, by the end of the year students are expected to:

  • demonstrate correct string posture;
  • perform selected string repertoire accurately;
  • demonstrate effective ensemble performance skills;
  • recognise and demonstrate pizzicato and arco techniques;
  • correlate written pitch letter names to left hand fingering.