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Year 3

Understanding Our Place

We are committed to experiential learning that provides hands-on activities in real world situations, as it both motivates and promotes meaning for students. Our Year 3 program, Understanding Our Place, is a good example of this. Students begin by looking at their personal strengths and their role in contributing to their community. This is broadened to include roles that people of diverse backgrounds play within our community through celebrations and commemorations. A significant aspect of this unit looks at Indigenous perspectives and the importance of country and place to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who belong to a local area. We aim to create a classroom culture that will support and develop wise, independent thinkers and learners.

Home Tasks

In Years 3 to 6, home tasks are set to help students develop regular study habits and cater for the needs of all students.

For further information please see the page on Home Tasks.

Year 3 Art

Year 3 CARE

Year 3 English

Year 3 Integrated Studies

Year 3 Library

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Year 3 Music

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