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Year 2 Library


Year Level Description

The program is designed to broaden the students' use of the library to include simple investigations into non-fiction texts. They investigate the many different sources of information stored in the library. Students learn more about the concept of subject collections when using non-fiction books. They will learn to use the library catalogue, Spydus. They are encouraged to borrow broadly from all areas of the library to further enhance their reading ability and enjoyment of reading. Students read and discuss the literary elements used in a wide range of texts including short stories, poetry, information texts and picture fiction books.

Achievement Standard

By the end of the year students are expected to:

  • use Spydus on their iPads, with assistance, for a simple search;
  • understand the purpose and structure of non-fiction books and their organisation in the library;
  • recognise and discuss some of the literary elements used in short stories and picture books;
  • recognise, locate and use simple reference material to source information for a specific purpose;
  • develop an awareness of themselves as readers and be able to select appropriate reading material for their use.