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Learning Development

About Learning Development

Learning Development supports any student who has a genuine difficulty with their learning, including problems with literacy and numeracy, organisational issues and curriculum-related anxiety. Within Learning Development, teachers and Allied Educators work with students across a range of abilities to help them achieve their academic potential.

Students participate in spelling, comprehension, reading and mathematics programs designed to teach foundation skills and strategies which can be applied across the curriculum. Students are assessed by Learning Development teachers to determine the level of support required within and beyond the classroom.

Students may require specialist intervention or provision beyond the resources of the classroom to facilitate personalised learning. Learning Development is committed to open communication with parents and, if required, can liaise with external agencies and/or support professionals regarding student learning needs.

This includes students who:

  • require help with time management, organisation and planning;
  • have high intellectual abilities but weak academic skills;
  • fall behind the academic progress of their class;
  • have behavioural and/or emotional difficulties which may impact on their learning process.