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Physical Education

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Prep Physical Education
Year 1 Physical Education
Year 2 Physical Education
Year 3 Physical Education
Year 4 Physical Education
Year 5 Physical Education
Year 6 Physical Education

About the Learning Area

The prime objectives of the Physical Education program are to foster in children a love of physical activity and play, instil an understanding of the need for physical fitness and develop a sense of fair play and co-operation. The program gives each student the opportunity to develop a range of fundamental motor skills and apply these to games. It contributes to the healthy physical, social and emotional development of students. Fundamental motor skills are incorporated through specific sports where skills and rules are taught.

In Years 5 and 6, this knowledge is put into practice through the student's participation in the weekly APS (Associated Public Schools) sport competition and training session.

The fundamental motor skills taught within the context of Physical Education are:

  • ball bounce;
  • catch;
  • dodge;
  • forehand strike;
  • kick;
  • leap;
  • overhand throw;
  • punt;
  • run;
  • two-hand, side-arm strike;
  • vertical jump.