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About the Learning Area

Outdoor Education focusses on personal development through interaction with others and responsible engagement with the natural environment. Extended time in the outdoors encourages students to begin to develop greater self-reliance, independence and knowledge of self.

Through structured outdoor activities, students are engaged in developing relationships with each other and the environment, whilst gaining a greater understanding of themselves. During these activities students reflect upon their accomplishments and look at opportunities for growth, both as an individual and within a team.

While the Outdoor Education program includes the teaching and integration of all nine Positive Learner Attributes, each year level program in Junior School will highlight a different Domain and focus more explicitly on the three Positive Learner Attributes within it. Students utilise the experience to make links to other units of study which are being undertaken in the classroom at school, both before and after their participation in a program.

The purpose of Outdoor Education during the junior years is to prepare students for the broader Outdoor Education program at Carey. Outdoor Education is a core component of the curriculum, progressing through a sequence of learning outcomes and exposing students to expeditions of increasing length, starting in Year 4 and culminating with an eight-day expedition in Year 10.