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About the Learning Area

The Don Brown Library at Donvale aims to promote a love of literature and reading, and develop skills for lifelong learning. The Library provides a cosy and warm atmosphere where all members of our learning community are welcome. The collection has been developed to ensure that all reading capabilities and personal interests are catered for and that classroom learning is supported.

Weekly class visits ensure that both literature and information Literacy skills are catered for in planned lessons. Information Literacy skills enable students to become independent researchers, locating and critically evaluating the information they select. Further exploration of authors and illustrators gives students an opportunity to compare and contrast various writing and illustration styles. They discover a wide variety of genres and the features and complexities of text.

Many special events occur during the year including Book Week, the Carey Celebrates Literature Festival, Book Fair and visits from authors, storytellers and illustrators. A highlight for the students is having the opportunity to nominate books for the YABBA  Award and also casting their votes for the winning books. 

The Book Chat rotational reading program runs for all classes in Years 4 to 6 and promotes reading at various levels of challenge. Guided discussions give students the opportunity to share their understanding and opinions about their chosen book. Parents and teachers facilitate these rich discussions which take place twice each term.

The Library is open at various times before and after School for borrowing, as well as for lunchtime activities. Library staff are always on hand to work with students on research and to assist with location and selection of resources for reading.